Eduardo, Meireles e Ca., Lda.


Founded in 1982 in order to transfer flat glass (cut, polish edges, perforation, notching, etc.) to be used by industries in the areas of refrigeration (refrigerated cases), furniture among others.
Later on, the company acquired equipment for the curving and tempering glass, processes which currently represent a significant portion of their business.

The partners of EMEC are those of the company “Gramec – Componentes para a Industria de Refrigeração, Lda (Evaporators, Condensers and Thermal formed Plastic).

EMEC, in large part, transports to the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Holland, Spain, Belgium, Hungary and Canada.

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EMEC – Eduardo Meireles & Ca. Lda.
Parque Industrial de Guimarães, Lote I-2
4805-298 PONTE GMR

Telef. : +351 253 576 367
Fax    : +351 253 473 012
Tlm    : +351 914 929 545
E-Mail: franciscaemec.lda@mail.telepac.pt


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